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Marine Decking Services
After many years of experience in the maritime industry in Croatia and abroad, we opened the company Marine Decking Services d.o.o so that we can share our passion for the sea and vessels with you.
We are located in Kostrena, a small coastal town near Rijeka, which is traditionally associated with enjoying the charms of the Adriatic Sea and a long maritime tradition.
Marine Decking Services d.o.o was founded with the purpose of providing professional, quality and fast service to shipowners when installing artificial teak and carpets so that you can enjoy sailing carefree and safe. Professional products used in the installation of teak and carpet on vessels are entirely manufactured in the UK by our Beautiful Marine Floors, one of the leading companies in the production and supply of teak. Our products are characterized by high quality and durability of materials. Also, our customers have the opportunity to choose from a range of products that can be adapted to all their needs. Our Vision is to be the first choice of shipowners when looking for a quality and reliable floor covering service.

Our mission is to use our experience and passion for boats to make your boat even more beautiful and safer and your trust is justified by a large selection of quality materials, experience and care for our customers. Marine Decking Services d.o.o is with you throughout the entire process of beautifying your boat! We offer support and advice in the selection and installation of artificial teak and flooring on boats. Also, we are able to offer interested customers engraving of names, logos and more when installing products.
our values:
– we communicate openly and honestly
– we value teamwork, knowledge and results
– we work to make the boats more beautiful.
– we respect your wishes.
– Responsibility, expertise, meticulousness are our qualities.

Phone +385 98 394 265

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